PC1505XL Pavement Grinder & Groover

PC1505XL Pavement Grinder & Groover

• Capable of grinding to within 10” (25.4cm) of a vertical wall.
• Fast, nimble and easy to use.
• Equipped with odometer that measures total footage (meters) ground and has a reset-able daily production odometer and feet (meters) per minute indicator.
• 5” (12.7cm) diameter blade shaft for use with 12” (30.48cm) diameter blades. Blades for grinding or grooving can be stacked up to 38” (96.52cm) cutting width.
• Front bogey assembly is adjustable for an effective wheelbase of 9’ (2.74m) to 11’(3.35m) -center of cutting head to center of front bogey.
• On board vacuum system with diaphragm slurry pump and silencer.
• Depth control wheels are side to side adjustable for accurate cut matching.
• Manually adjusted grooving depth control wheels attach to mainframe on blade-shaft center line for accurate depth control.
• Excellent for airport grooving

Part # PC1505XL, Catalog # 103369

Engines: Caterpillar® 7.1Liter 302HP (193.8kw)@ 2100rpm, Turbo-charged/inter-cooled, electronically controlled diesel engine. Meets EPA Tier 4, EU Stage IV Emission Requirements. Fuel Consumption 10gph (37.85L/HR)
Dimensions: Length 29ft (8.83M), Width: 7ft (2.13M), Height 10ft (3.04M), Weight: 21,000lbs (9147kg)
Fuel Capacity: 150 gallons (567L)
Blade shaft: 5in diameter (12.7cm) with 4 draw bolts
Blade Diameter: 12in (30.48cm) 14in (35.56cm)
Cutting width: 38in (96.52cm)
Blade shaft RPM: 1400 rpm low range, 1900 rpm high range
Blade shaft Drive: Engine power is transmitted through a manually operated PTO clutch to a right angle drive gearbox which drives a single Poly Chain GT Carbon belt.
Ground Drive: Electronic joystick controlled closed loop hydrostatic ground drive with 2 hydraulic wheel motor assemblies with integral brakes and two speed function.
Travel Speed: 0-300fpm (68.58mpm)
Machine Controls: Forward/Reverse electronic joystick with neutral lock and integral raise/lower switch. Power steering, water on/off, 2-Speed, Brake on/off, adjustable operators seat and removable foot platform, water pressure gauge and alarm, Hydraulic system pressure gauge.
Engine Instruments: Electronic screen displays engine RPM, oil pressure, coolant temp, engine hours, volt meter. Screen also provides for engine diagnostics and fault codes.


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